Our vision:

Our vision; we hope to create and distribute compelling visual storytelling about emotions that brings the world closer. We inspire relations, connection, and change, image by image. In creating a relationship between the viewer and the subject we wish to ignite ideas, promote understanding and to build a bridge of human peace.

TPM encourages values such as integrity, collaboration, compassion and commitment through engagement with the viewers. We seek to reflect values of mutual understanding and interconnectedness

Who we are :

“Anyone can view a photograph for a day and never think of it again. Anyone can also view a photograph for a second and think of it all his or her life.”

During the last 20 years of working, as a professional photographer in Delhi for media and society, We have formed a firm belief that professional photography can never be a snap taking only or techniques, equipments arrangement or holding a camera. For best photography accomplishment, the art has to be driven by passion with love and care. Photography is our passion to deliver the emotion journey of our clients.


"Whenever we call T-Photomotion, there is always someone there waiting with open ears and endless solutions to keep us on top of our market."
~ X-Ciel Group